Pitching an urban laboratory to Amazon.

Could an entire community act as a testing ground for leading edge ideas?

With a quick 1-week turnaround, DreamLab was a pitch to Amazon as an entirely blank canvas to customize and create an evolving working environment for Amazon HQ2, utilizing land provided by Dream Developments. The goal was to test and develop ideas in a real world four season urban environment of working, living, shopping, eating, moving and changing.

TOM created a branded concept and pitch deck.

Services Provided
Branding, Creative Direction, Design, Strategy
Dream Lab for Amazon DreamLab
Dream Lab for Amazon DreamLab
DreamLab cap
DreamLab dlab tshirt
DreamLab Presentation
WorkLab for Amazon DreamLab
LiveLab for Amazon DreamLab
EatLab for Amazon DreamLab
MoveLab for Amazon DreamLab