I.D. Magazine

Designing for designers.

Founded in 1954, industry mainstay I.D. magazine covered the art, business and culture of design. As the head of the creative team, TOM was responsible for design and oversight of all visual elements and content, including conceptualization, styling, and layout.

Services Provided
Creative Direction, Design, Management, Photography, Printing, Retouching, Typography
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The challenge.

Designing for an internationally-read magazine built to showcase other designers poses unique challenges. The design must be restrained enough to harmonize with a variety of subjects and styles, but still be imaginative enough at its core to engage with the high aesthetic standards of the design community.

The outcome.

The design of I.D. was purposefully restrained to allow the focus to remain on the often very visual content of its subjects. With a modernist backbone, and a clean and honest visual approach to photography, it was often seen as a breath of fresh air compared to it's more elaborate competition.