SEED magazine the universe begins again cover design

Science is culture.

Often too academic or visually stale, the typical science journal leaves a lot to be desired. With a mission to elevate it's science magazine to the level of other cultural publications, SEED magazined looked at the important issues at the intersection of science and society, and the people driving global science.

Services Provided
Copy Writing, Creative Direction, Design, Illustration, Management, Photography, Printing, Research, Strategy, Typography
SEED magazine heeding cassandra
SEED magazine year in science ideas
SEED magazine what controversy chimpanzee cover
SEED magazine climate change infographic
SEED magazine what happens when science is made in china opener spread
SEED magazine CERN supercollider issue
SEED magazine the harsh light of science jesus as periodic table illustration
SEED magazine year in science 2005
SEED magazine state of the planet special issue

The challenge.

Serving as the creative lead for both art and production departments, our aim with SEED was to elevate the design of scientific subjects to a higher level, and away from the dry and clinical perception of the typical science journal.

The outcome.

SEED was a finalist for two National Magazine Awards.