Hi, we’re TOM.
We make work with brains and beauty.

The TOM Agency is a multi-disciplinary creative studio with a focus on creating smart and tactful design work.

We’re interested in pushing creative possibilities in the areas of Infographics, Branding, Digital/Web, Strategy, Illustration, Motion, Print, and all forms of premium design-driven Communication.

Complete Office
The completely covered office.
Wired Infographic map
Visualizing for Wired.
Identity Branding Design
A new Global Minnesota.
Best American Infographics
The Best American Infographics.
USC Interactive Screens
Interacting with USC champions.
Credit Suisse Information Design
A new infographics standard for Credit Suisse.
Brightspot packaging for Target
A friendly phone for Target.
Digital Wall Infographic
A look at how San Francisco uses energy.
Real estate in real time.
A brand adjustment for Apartment Therapy.
Showcasing the work of photographer Clay Stang.
We need more party animals.
Visualizing the media landscape.
Credit Suisse business graphics by The TOM Agency
An illustrative approach to business graphics.