Wired Causes of Untimely Death Infographic on ipad infoporn

The ways we die early.

The questions that guest editor Bill Gates posed for this particular issue of Wired revolved around fixing the deep issues in our world. This infographic breaks down the causes of death of early mortality, an affliction that is responsible for the loss of 1.7 billion years of human life annually.

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Wired Infoporn Causes of Untimely Death Infographic on ipad

The outcome.

"I love this graph because it shows that while the number of people dying from communicable diseases is still far too high, those numbers continue to come down. In fact, fewer kids are dying, more kids are going to school and more diseases are on their way to being eliminated. But there remains much to do to cut down the deaths in that yellow block even more dramatically. "

- Bill Gates, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.