Real-estate in real time.

NuOffer is a digital real-estate tool that eliminates paperwork and drastically reduces the time and logistical pain of the negotiating process. It is targeted at the agent who understands that a more efficient and convenient way of doing business, is mutually beneficial for his clientele and himself.

Services Provided
Branding, Copy Writing, Creative Direction, Design, Strategy
NuOffer brand identity and digital

The challenge.

NuOffer sought to launch a brand that was in line with the disruptive nature of it's that resonated with agents who yearned for a more efficient business process. As a result, a voice that spoke to clarity and efficiency were at top of mind.

The outcome.

TOM helped to craft a brand with an assertive, yet friendly, voice. Clean and contemporary design choices, mixed with snappy language, spoke to a new generation of real estate agents looking for a technological edge.