Credit Suisse chart

A modular approach to business charts.

Part of an overall initiative with our partners at CSA to bring their chart style under a more cohesive visual language, TOM created a comprehensive set of graphics standards for Credit Suisse. A visual toolkit utilizing modular shapes was provided to not only to provide a clear aesthetic direction forward, but to ensure that the direction could also be replicated by their internal design teams.

Services Provided
Carbone Smolan Agency
Infographic system
Process Chart for Credit Suisse Infographic purple
Process Chart for Credit Suisse Infographic pink

The challenge.

With an in-house design staff scattered across the world, Credit Suisse needed an infographic approach that was not only cohesive, but also easy to follow and replicate.

The outcome.

TOM and CSA created a comprehensive guidebook and visual toolkit that had a clear vision, and easy to replicate by designers with a varied level of skill and background.